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05 August 2008

Back Pocket Memory
Developing from early acoustic jam sessions at a local Starbucks, Back Pocket Memory has grown into a Class 5 Hurricane of Rock that's far more exciting then its members could have imagined.

BPM began in June 2006 as an acoustic trio, with Chris, Eddie, and Ian jamming and writing songs. Within two months, Rob and Jason had been added, being friends from long ago of Ian's. After playing their first electric show in August of the same year, BPM knew they were in for more than previously anticipated.

Over the next two years, BPM played all over Los Angeles and other places, including New York, Las Vegas, and Flagstaff, AZ, bringing rock to the masses and being received enthusiastically.

During this time, Back Pocket Memory also recorded three times, with three great producers. First was Robbie Rist, then Jeff Lusby, and most recently Chris Zerby. (the recordings you hear as you're reading this.)

Back Pocket Memory is looking forward to a bright, hard working future; and continuing to write and perform music they enjoy. And most importantly, having fun while doing it.
Ian Felchlin    05 August 2008 02:04