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31 October 2004

South of June
In the beginning, there was Eric Puckett. As a kid, he was always making up his own songs; it wasn’t until his senior year of high school that he decided to take his music to a live audience. Eric realized, after a short matter of time, that the solo gig wasn’t for him. Paul Scott, who played saxophone, was also looking for a band. After one of Eric’s shows, Paul informed him of the great respect he had for his music and mentioned jamming; at that point, the two began playing every so often. After a couple months of searching for a drummer and not really having anything happen, Paul called up a fellow jazz band musician, Ryan Peel, and asked him if he would be interested for the spot. The three felt that they had something after only a few jam sessions. Eric mentioned to the others that his friend, a respected musician by the name of Nic Farina, might come and give his honest opinion of their music. After about fifteen minutes of sitting in on the practice, Nic grabbed the bass guitar in the corner of the room and began jamming with the trio. Nic continued to meet them for practice, giving input on song structures and chord progressions. At some point, he decided that he would stay. Combined, the four make up what is now "South of June".
Eric Puckett    31 October 2004 12:00