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31 October 2004

The Dose
Today people are seriously suffering the effects of an overdose of minor chords, acute rap and chronic emo screaming. To cure this prolific disease, Up the Dose injects the listener with solid, well-adjusted and orchestral-blended melodies.

This 4-piece band from Memphis, Tennessee mixes their different influences to create a unified elixir of infectious melodies and strong vocal harmonies to soothe the savage soul. From the opening accapella vocal solo to the gradual crescendo of symphonic sounds, in their original tune “Believe Me”, and through the riff-heavy, driving bridge and lethal guitar solo in “Novacaine”, the audience will be lifted into a spirit-soaring euphoria that remains with them indefinitely!

Integrating the multiple personalities of Up the Dose are:

Lee Sharp, with his velvety smooth and sensual vocals. Lee is a respected and well-known local musician equally adept at wielding a saxophone as he is the microphone. He has formerly been involved in Deep Shag, Straight Up Buzz, Native Son, CYC, Mo Boogie, and many other bands included in the classical, jazz, rock and blues genres.

Mike Dover, providing the rhythmic heart-beat of the drums. Mike is an accomplished arranger and songwriter whose former projects have included Gun Down Mary, The Fetish Room, Dead Tight 5 and a brief stint touring and writing with Sebastian Bach, former front man for the seminal 90’s band Skid Row.

Felix Cordova hypnotizes and mesmerizes with his hard soul groove. Felix is a relative newcomer to Memphis, having relocated from Connecticut via New York City, and Minneapolis where his past experience involves various funk bands and projects with former members of Prince’s entourage, Sugar Hill and Frankie Beverly. His backbone has been formed from Jazz, Funk and Rhythm & Blues.

Tim Grover energizes with his vital and vigorous guitar riffs. Tim’s past projects have included Sabra, Dead Tight 5, Rail and regional True Music band Ashley Red as both rhythm and lead guitars. Tim is also an accomplished classical guitarist and grew up listening to jazz and rock.

Up the Dose thrives on arrangement-driven, lyrically-expressive collaborations that create a harmonic, melodious, moody groove rock that is highly addictive and leaves the listener craving a larger fix every time. Up the Dose will gladly provide the buzz as well as the cure!!
Mike Dover    31 October 2004 12:00