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15 September 2005

Officer Roseland
Hailing from the outskirts of Philadelphia, Officer Roseland has been protecting and serving rock music since 2000. Comprised of Dan Daidone (bass/vocals), Brian Jones (keyboards/guitar), Harry Grannis (bass/guitar) and Mike Reilly(drums), this fearlessly experimental band is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of rock into bold new directions, drawing their influence from such eclectic sources of inspiration as Mr. Bungle, Talking Heads, Rush, Frank Zappa, Ween, NoMeansNo, and the Beatles. Fusing everything from funk, punk, new-wave, hardcore, jazz, soul and country with their own uniquely twisted sense of humor, OR has developed an aggressive and original sound desperately needed in an increasingly generic musical landscape.
Philadelphia’s top rock station, 94.1 WYSP, named Officer Roseland the "Local Rockstars of the Month" for April 2003, and the band was invited into the studio to perform live on Tommy Conwell’s acclaimed "Loud & Local" program. A pair of songs from OR’s self-titled debut, "Fiero" and "Apple Zip Zaps", were featured prominently in award-winning animator Billy Blob’s short film Bumble Being at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival. This film was showcased on the debut episode of Comedy Central’s new series Jump Cuts in November 2004. Currently OR can be heard in frequent rotation on the UK's Pulse Unsigned satellite and internet radio station, and on XM satellite radio’s Unsigned Bands station. O.R. recently completed their first UK tour, including an in-studio live recording/interview with Pulse Unsigned. Their latest album, Sunglasses, contains 8 tracks of adventurous new material that explores the possibilities of rock’s future while paying tribute to the energy and vitality of its past.
Rock and roll is in a state of emergency. In order to survive it must evolve. Officer Roseland is a band on a mission– to rescue rock from the evil clutches of corporate hijackers and the assembly line of soulless mass production. The airwaves have the right to remain silent no longer. Help is on the way.
Brian Jones    15 September 2005 09:03