After years of line-up changes and tried patience, Skindeep has come to terms with their musical venture. Remaining determined by Blaine, David and Danny, the group discovered James in 2002 and Dave Sanderson-Kilchenstein in 2004. With a new focus on music and influence from all different backgrounds, the band has a new sound and a new attitude. Today the band takes on the DC area with vigor and excitement.

Laying the foundation for the Skindeep sound are guitarists Blaine Heinonen and David Moran, bassist Dave Sanderson-Kilchenstein, and drummer Danny O'Connell. The two axe men have been playing together along with Danny since 1996. For over seven years the close-knit group of friends randomly formed different line-ups of Skindeep.

Towards the end of 2002, the guys met their new lead singer, James Bryant. James had played guitar in numerous bands since the age of twelve and was singing backup vocals for years before joining Skindeep. Dave Sanderson-Kilchenstein was recently added to the band's lineup after years of searching for the right bassist. Together, the five musicians have outstanding musical chemistry and never fail to deliver a stellar performance. The intense, almost dueling guitars, fused with thumping bass lines and thundering drumbeats, meet passionate lyrics and vocals that pack a heavy punch of raw emotion. The fans of Skindeep come to the shows knowing that they will definitely see a band that gives their all to every song they play.
James Bryant    23 September 2005 02:17