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27 September 2005

Ben Tyler
Probably, the best guitar work you've ever heard from a band like this, the best singing you've ever heard from a band like this, the best drumming and bassing you've heard from a band like this, and the best music you've ever heard from any band ever.

This is a really old bio. Probably like a year or two. It doesn't even mention the new members or how awesome they are. If you really want to know their skillz, then you'll have to come see them. Here ya go:

Ben Tyler is a 21-year old piano-rock based singer-songwriter out of Albany, NY. Originally from Belvidere, NJ, he studied piano and voice for 12 years and began songwriting at the age of 14. In the fall of 2003 Ben moved to Albany and is attending the State University of New York, majoring in Music and Business.

After meeting other musicians and exploring Albanys music scene, he recorded his 3rd and latest CD Looking Glass Self at SOS Studios, Albany releasing his first 8-song LP. Musical influences include Billy Joel, Radiohead, Something Corporate, Howie Day and John Mayer, mixing together strong melodic piano riffs and the vocal stylings of Day and Mayer with ghost-like reverb.

In May of 2004, Ben was the only independent artist selected to perform at Albanys Parkfest 04 where he opened for Guster, Dropkick Murphys, Default, DMX and others. While pursuing his musical career, Ben continues to play gigs and open mics at clubs in the New Jersey/ New York area. In September, Ben and the band competed in and won a "battle of the bands" competition held at SUNY's FallFest, where they opened for Collective Soul.

The band just recently recorded a side project with the name "Formula Jade" with Adam (drums), Josh (bass), and Ben (keys) working together on a harder sound. Their latest CD is entitled "The Red States vs. The Blue States".

Almost a year later, the Ben Tyler Band met again for Parkfest '05, where they opened for Simple Plan. Other bands such as Ludacris, Elephant Man, Hoobastank, and The Burners U.K., among others, were featured in the show.
Ben Anderson    27 September 2005 12:36