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03 October 2005

Finding Four
In early 2004, Mike was in a band based out of New Jersey who was in need of a drummer. One day, while in his cousins' basement, Mike heard the sound of drums being beaten through the walls of his cousins' neighbor's house. Opportunity knocked, and so did Mike, on Derek's front door. The two played in the New Jersey band briefly until they decided to leave the band due to conflicting interests with other band members.

Mike had been writing songs since he was 9 years old and always had dreams of fronting his own band, but he was never able to find others who shared the same desires as he did. After leaving the New Jersey band, he finally decided that the only way to achieve what he wanted was to form his own band. He named the band "Finding Four" in reference to his long search for musicians to play with.

The first person Mike asked to play with him was his older brother, Charlie, who had been playing piano and guitar since he was younger. Charlie was the one who had first tought Mike how to play piano before Mike had made his switch to guitar. Since Charlie and Mike had a life-time of experience together, playing music with each other was second-hand nature.

After the second member was established, Mike decided to ask Derek to play with him once again in his new band. The phone call was made and before Mike had even finished asking, Derek was proposing that he and Mike should play together again, thus giving Finding Four its current line-up.

The 3 had ads out for a bassist, but in the meantime decided to carry on with practices until they had found a fourth member. They had their first practice at the end of summer 2004, and by the end of the first month, they had accumulated a 20-song set-list. Since the songs were coming together so well, Mike, Charlie, and Derek arranged to have their debut show on September 24, 2004 at the Purple Frog in Lynbrook without a fourth member.

The gig went so well, the 3 decided that they would continue to play without a bassist for the time being. Since their first show, Finding Four has been asked by many bands and booking agents to play their shows. With each show, their fan base has continued to grow steadily. They are having so much fun with what they are doing and they thank all who give them the support they need to make their dreams come true.

So where do we go from here? To Finding Four, the only place left to go is up...
Mike Silecchia    03 October 2005 10:12