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05 October 2005

The Subtle Creeps
Meeting in 1996 in high school, Josh McCready and Cody Martin started writing songs together. With a similar taste in music, they drew from similar influences, such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, the Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, the Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd, the Who. In 1999 and early 2000, after playing various few shows with revolving drummers and bassists, the two, with the help of the bassist and engineer Trip Wamsley and the Thinking Plyers’ drummer, Ryan Westbrook, set about recording songs that would become The Subtle Creeps’ first album Sip On Fire. In 2001, the two were join by long time friend and current bassist, Chase Piedfort. The three worked on writing for several years before moving to San Marcos, TX where they found drummer Ryan Crumpton. After a couple of years of playing and writing together, Ryan left the band and he was replaced by Travis Raymond toward the end of the summer of ‘05. Playing regularly at the Triple Crown and Lucy’s on the Square, the band has become a staple of the San Marcos rock scene. Over the passed couple of years, The Subtle Creeps have played shows from Port Aransas, to Momo’s, the Vibe, Flamingo Cantina, the Red Eyed Fly, and Room 710 on and around 6th Street in Austin. They’ve played at Gordo’s, Lucy’s on the Square, the Triple Crown and TSU’s George’s in San Marcos and they’ve played at Breezy’s in Lake Charles, LA. With hard rocking original songs, The Subtle Creeps’ live shows are packed with ever increasing energy and intensity. Drawing from the rock’n’roll style of the early ’90s in Seattle the ‘70s classic rock scene, The Subtle Creeps are a hard rock band to be heard with a visceral live show to be experienced.
Cody Martin Josh    05 October 2005 02:13