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19 October 2005

nolessthaneverything is a melodic metal band hailing from Connecticut that formed in June of 2003. The band is led by Jason Crumb on vox, Dave Celozzi on guitar, Mike Jackson on drums, and Tom Hawes on bass. In September of 2005, Gary Crumb joined the band, adding a second guitar and added creativity to the song-writing palette.

With influences such as Zao, Norma Jean, Project 86, and Sepultura, nolessthaneverything brings an old school groove combined with a touch of new school chaos, while at the same time sustaining a melodic element to their sound. Drummer Mike Jackson adds more color to the spectrum with the subtleties of Latin jazz and African tribal rhythms.

nolessthaneverything brings a passion and intensity to the stage that creates an intoxicating atmosphere. Combine that energy with sincerity in every word sung and you will see that they are not only there to entertain you, but to reach you. The bands main focus is to give their listeners a sense of hope, in a world where we could all use a little.
Jason Crumb    19 October 2005 07:42