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20 October 2005

Mercury Sound
The MERCURY SOUND is built upon a solid rock foundation that fuses driven, atmospheric distortion soaring above a melodic landscape that represents the intensity and passion of the question yearning to be answered: What is it about the SOUND of music that can STIR the wells of memory and emotion and drive one to MOVE and to FEEL? Mercury Sound explores the answer to this question through the blistering, raw synergy that results from four hearts pulsing in unison and burning in the collective crucible that melts bold, passionate self-introspection through blistering guitars and thundering drums. The SOUND that results is as raw as it is beautiful and as heartfelt as it is in angst; seeking to answer the question, always seeking redemption. It is what began with the Fade E.P. in 2003, and it is what continues today as the MERCURY SOUND.
Danny Owsley    20 October 2005 03:28