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21 February 2006

From their humble beginnings in the coffee shops of Sacramento, the guys in 2Me are building a name for themselves as a group who can charm a candlelit audience just as easily as they can rock a bar full of weekend drinkers.

On a late night in the fall of 2003, Christopher got his friend Reid drunk enough to share a cigarette and start a band with him. Two weeks later he introduced Reid to Nathan, and an hour later the three of them were taking the stage at a coffee shop for what would be the first 2Me show ever. Less than a month later, Conan, an old friend of Nathan’s, came to a show with his bass in hand and said he wanted to play with them. The band 2Me had officially arrived.

Over the next two and a half years, the four of them logged more than 200 shows, and more than 40,000 miles in their automobiles actoss California and Nevada. They’ve recorded two full length albums, and entertained every kind of audience imaginable, from drunks at dive bars, to grandmothers and granddaughters dancing side by side in shopping malls.

Christopher’s whispery voice has roused comparisons to James Taylor, Dave Matthews, and Jack Johnson, while the band’s penchant for slide guitar, psychedelic jams, kazoo solos, and earthy backbeats have stirred up comparisons to The Grateful Dead, Phish, The Allman Brothers Band, and The String Cheese Incident. Christopher’s lyrics have a tendency to change on stage periodically, making the live show unique every time, but they always manage to conjure up thoughts of childhood innocence, daydreams, companionship, whiskey, Disney movies, pirate ships, alley cats, and unrequited love.
Reid Foster    21 February 2006 06:11