E276was established in the autumn of 2004 in Seattle Washington by gifted Venezuelan artist Cesar Duque as guitarist and superstar beauty Elimar Ugueto on vocals. The two met Charlie Jirov from Bulgaria soon after at a party, and not long after that Tracy was approached to come onboard as bassist, firming up the line-up.

The band began rehearsing and shortly afterwards began performing in Seattle area nightclubs as a dance band, performing covers of popular hits in the Latin community.

After grinding away in nightclubs on weekends and developing a huge following, the band began incorporating their original material into the sets. The band started developing its unique voice, drawing on the myriad influences and experiences of its members. In the original compositions can be heard the influences of rock, reggeaton and hip hop, R&B and funk, blues and meringue, salsa, cumbia and even Afro-Cuban rhythms

In April 2006, the band and producer Justin Roeser vanished into Columbia City studios in Seattle’s Rainier Valley to begin laying tracks for their first album. Four months later they emerged with “Quien es Quien”, which has been released to very popular acclaim.

Fronted by the star presence of Elimar Ugueto, the band has developed a tremendously high-energy stage show and is touring the West coast of the US, performing for thousands of fans in Washington, Oregon and California.
Elimar Ugueto    09 April 2006 08:27