Six guys, six styles, and sick music... Since early 2003, Liquid Reality has discovered a way to redefine rock, or at at least in their fans eyes. Known as one of Detroit's hardest working and hottest up and coming bands, these guys are here for a reason. Come to one show, give them one chance. Liquid will make sure you get what you paid for.

With a variety influences the guys from LR bring a whole new form of rock to the table. They bring an amazing positive vibe to their live show, and they will make you feel it as much as they do. Dedicated to the music they write, LR will continue to write new music to add to their collection of original songs.

They have played venues such as the State Theatre, St. Andrews Hall, The Shelter, Emerald Theatre, The Blind Pig, The Hayloft, The Machine Shop, and many many others along the road of their 150+ show career, Liquid Reality will continue to seek out new fans in new cities. They have also shared the stage with many national acts. Their next big show is with National Recording Artist, Taproot. Fan dedication and support will continue to drive the band to rock every venue they play, and never lose your attention...
Benjamin Lula    24 August 2006 10:05