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25 August 2006

Opus Podunk

Stefan | Tommy | Mikey

"The Tome of Podunkian Manifestation
By Tommy

Opus Podunk, formed in 1908 was originally a ragtime band. Consisting of Aaron, Lee, Mike, Stefan, and Tommy, they broke new grounds after taking heavy doses of LSD. They toured America as kings. Then, Aaron formed a different band, Dealey Plaza, and they're now our sister band! Lee joined up in the union army so he could shoot himself some Confederates, not knowing that the Civil War had been over for a good 40 some odd years. (but we wont tell him... hehehe). Mike was crucified, died, and was buried. Now he goes to college somewhere.

Stefan found a Mikey. He was left on Stefan's doorstep by gypsies with a note tacked to his forehead saying "Do not open until X-mas!" X-mas finally came and we opened him up and out came a drumset and a brand new Mikey! He was super charged and ready to play! Stefan immediately called me and had me bring my guitar over. We jammed and jammed and jammed until we died of cancer. We were revived almost a century later with a whole new style and whole new sound.

We are Opus Podunk. Funkin' yo' mama since 19-0-funkin-8

Tommy has a pancake fetish.
Stefan wishes he was a Danish.
Mikey is our jewish ball of meat."

That was Tommy's explaination. I don't know what that says to you, but to me it says just one thing:

Stefan Schram    25 August 2006 07:36