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15 October 2006

Sudden Epidemic
In breaking news, local rockers Sudden Epidemic are ratcheting the Denver music scene up a notch this spring with their unique, full-frontal rock/indie/folk/punk sound. Formerly residents of Los Alamos (It’s What We Deserve), New Mexico, band members Jordan Daniel, Alex Marble, Kyle Pilon, and Tyler Goodman relocated to the Front Range last October, following a successful regional tour of the West Coast.

Sudden Epidemic got its start six years ago in a middle school talent show as a duo with a 15-watt amp, a really bad PA system, and a gym full of screaming fans. It’s all been uphill from there. The band recorded its full-length debut album, "The Broadview Life", at Santa Fe Soundworks in December 2004 and has since shared stages across the southwest with national acts including Tera Melos, The Capricorns, Barefoot Bride, and Finest Hour. Sudden Epidemic is currently working on a new album for release later this year and is planning a full West Coast/Midwest tour for the summer.

Since their move to Denver, the band’s line-up has changed somewhat with the departure of guitarist Tyler Goodman and the addition of classically trained violinist and vocalist Elise Alde, who has added a whole new dimension to the Sudden Epidemic experience. The band continues to push electronic boundaries with nods to musical influences Cursive, The Hush Sound, Straylight Run, Death Cab for Cutie, and Mae and their high-energy live shows still have fans screaming on their feet. Catch Sudden Epidemic in Denver or on the road and you’ll never know what you’re going to get: random episodes of tap dancing and voltage-bending violin solos have been known to break out on stage, not to mention the ever-present but as yet unverified danger of spontaneous combustion.
Kyle Pilon    15 October 2006 09:26