“We are just a bunch of guys who love music and want people to hear us out. We just want to make good music.” That’s what you will hear from every member from ‘Fraid Knot. ‘Fraid Knot is a band that was formed in Febuary 2006 with Michael Knouff (Guitarist/Vocalist), Chris Shallenberger (Drums), Chris Campbell (Bassist), and Corey Knouff (Vocalist), all for a sole attempt to make music that sounded good to them and was good for everybody else. The lineup changed in May 2006 When Corey Knouff and Chris Campbell was changed out for Jason Robbins and Taylor Smiddy. Since the lineup change there has been no stopping them. Each band practice is always deep, fun, intellectual, strenuous, tiring, and interesting. Although they are a young band as in being established for a mere 10 months, ‘Fraid Knot has become a force to be reckoned with. Each member has separate musical influences and their opinion of what’s good and what’s not but still manages to bring it all together in one tune. “We don’t want to be a big band. It would be nice I won’t say it wouldn’t be but we are about having fun and trying to send a powerful message to people” says Michael Knouff. Powerful is quite an understatement. Every time you hear ‘Fraid Knot’s music you hum the tune, you move, you dance, you yell, you might even cry. “The way our music comes together brings something unique to the table” says Chris Shallenberger. Anybody that knows ‘Fraid Knot can tell you that the members love music and that each show is an emotional impact on every person in the area that gives you the sensation of having absolute power. Who knows where their journey may take them.
Michael Knouff Knouff    07 November 2006 01:45