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24 November 2006

Open Rebuke
The concept of a family band was born from Tim, Sr.’s love for his boys and his passion for metal. Since age 11 he had always been interested in putting together a good old-school metal band. After a few trials and errors, he decided it just wasn’t going to come together. Years later, his two sons Tim, Jr. and Zac were born, and the vision of a band quickly returned. These two boys had the stuff in their veins, there was no denying it!

They began learning from their dad the art of music, with Zac obsessed with drums by 18 months old and Tim, Jr. singing at the top of his lungs all day long from the time he learned to talk. As the years have passed, these boys have followed in their father’s footsteps, learning to play drums, guitar, bass and the harmony these two boys belt out is nothing less than phenomenal.

The path this band/family has traveled over the years has been one of many twists and turns. At one point, the boys thought they might even be rap music stars. To the relief of their father, it was a short-lived phase and they both came back to metal, and then…

It just happened one day. Everybody jammin’ together on new instruments one Christmas and it was obvious, something was happening. They have a natural rhythm with one another and a ROCK SOLID bond as father and sons. Music is their passion, their lives’ dream and their chosen journey.

Terri Berry    24 November 2006 06:16