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25 November 2006

black spyral dancer
Black Spyral Dancer is a group of four young men from Athens, Ohio creating a highly energetic and evolved progressive musical fusion that commands the stage with the angst and passion of a manic depressive freight train.

Raw, yet refined, their unique style incorporates the brooding atmosphere of metal with the professional prowess of a distinguished jazz band. BSD draws both eclectic and mainstream appeal from sauntering middle aged-men to raving teenagers with a passionate display of on stage acrobatics and a sound that is both accessible and dynamic. As said in the 2004 Halloween issue of the Athens Insider, Black Spyral Dancer, infuses a danceable swagger with and undercurrent of dark, ethereal intricacies. Their message is both political and personal, drawing upon the trials of being human and the struggle to create a meaningful existence. Their performance is one that few forget.

BSD is currently seeking gigs in the Midwest area and working in the studio perfecting their debut EP, which is slotted to be released in March 2007.
alyx andrews    25 November 2006 12:58