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10 February 2007

Big Talk is a rock band located in the Central Jersey Area. We consist of six high school juniors and seniors from Lambertville, Lawrence, and Princeton. Jon and Sam (guitarist and drummer) have been playing together for about three years. Ben and Rob joined a year later. They were quickly followed by the addition of Sam Lavery on bass and electric cello. Mike Bernabe is a recent addition to the band and we are happy to have him. He is a talented musician and his keyboard skills make us sound complete. Big Talk has played numerous gigs in the Lambertville area, and we are looking for more. We write our own music and play covers. All of the songs up are our orginal compositions. If you are interested in booking the band, please call Sam Lewin at (609) 468-7681, Jon at (609) 610-3315, or email Big Talk’s six musicians have distinct musical backgrounds. Mike, Rob and Jon attended the American Boychoir School, and their great voices and musicianship are terrific additions to the band. Sam Lavery is a cello prodigy who has performed in Carnegie Hall numerous times. He is also an excellent bassist. Sam Lewin has more of a jazz background, while Ben is just a hardcore rocker. These very distinct musical influences result in and a refreshing rock and roll sound.
Jonathan Tetelman    10 February 2007 06:21