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06 October 2007

Ralph Eats Dynamite
We met during a winter storm..... hundreds of miles deep below the Atlantic ocean, in the belly of a whale.... The whale would sing to us and we would sing to the whale.....sometimes singing for the whole ocean to hear.... one calm summer night when the whale was asleep, knowing that there was a life outside the belly of the whale, we escaped..... We rode the waves and hitched rides on dolphins and large fish back to the eastern coast of America.... An entire year has passed since our life under the Atlantic.... We have played and recorded songs that we used to sing and play in the belly of the whale.... But now, the whale sings a different tune.... The whale is angry that we escaped....He sings not sweet songs to wish us happy dreams but haunting melodies that make us shake and vomit....We cannot sleep, we cannot eat.... The whale's pitches keep us up at night and visions of his tail and teeth haunt us when we dream... His screeches are so loud our ears ache and bleed.... We must find a ship and hunt the whale that we are eternally bound to.... Or we will perish.... We will suffer until we crawl on our bellies and plunge our tired bodies into the Atlantic and float back into the belly of the whale....
Bobby Parent    06 October 2007 03:40