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21 November 2007

The Slow Burn
THE SLOW BURN is melodic rock with an edge, for a generation raised on great songwriting and punk attitude, spanning the chasms from John Lennon to Kurt Cobain, Bob Marley to Aimee Mann, Joe Strummer to Jeff Tweedy.

THE SLOW BURN is a DC-area rock band that steeps a rich blend of melodic rock in a variety of other influences to yield a unique bounty of sonic bliss. Ted Donat and Paul D'Andrea provide the dual guitar attack, while Dale Juarbe (drums) and Joe Loftus (bass) drive the rhythm that stokes the fire.

THE SLOW BURN had its genesis in early 2000 in the postage-stamp-sized back room of Ted’s Alexandria, VA home. Ted had recently relocated from New York City, where his band Strange Bedfellows had lit up the scene for 10 years at such notable venues as CBGB, Le Bar Bat and The Bitter End.

Ted and Paul quickly recognized a mutual affinity for melding classic rock and roll with more modern textures. THE SLOW BURN played out as a twosome until 2004, when bassist Dennis Feeney and drummer Dale Juarbe were invited to round out the ensemble.

In February of 2007, Dennis decided to strike out on his own with the blessing of the other members of the band. The Slow Burn soon found a replacement in Joe Loftus, a DC-area native and a fine musician in his own right, to hold down the bottom end.

THE SLOW BURN released their debut album, "Let's Do It!" in early 2007. "Let's Do It!" has already received strong notices, including a 9 out of 10 from Two songs have been featured on XM Radio on Channel 43 - XMU - on The Radar Report, a show featuring up and coming artists.

THE SLOW BURN has graced the stages of some legendary clubs, including the Grog & Tankard in DC, IOTA in Arlington and The Brass Monkey in Baltimore.
Ted Donat    21 November 2007 11:23