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    Signed up 02 January 2019 at 11:23

    The Thrash Blues

    rock alternative
    Signed up 26 July 2018 at 21:24

    Richard Power

    Signed up 16 February 2018 at 01:07

    The Modern Days

    Next bands around the globe
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    rock alternative
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    Hard Rock
    The regulations of Emergenza
    Emergenza is the world's largest music festival solely dedicated to new and up-and-coming unsigned bands. It takes place in many major European cities as well as in North America, Asia, including Japan and Oceania. All groups, of any kind or origin, can participate, performing their own original songs. "Covers" are tolerated if given an "original touch". It is a musical marathon that encompasses some of the most prestigious international stages. From January to June, the bands participate in a knockout contest, progressing from heat to heat. At the end of each of the concerts, the audience votes for their favorite band of the evening. The band picked by the public then moves forward to the next stage of the Festival. The goal is to reach the International Final. The winners of which, then have the opportunity to perform a live showcase.

    • IntroductionOpen or Close

      - Any band can participate in the Festival, provided that they can play live.
      - All bands enrolled have the right to perform their show within the confines established by thedifferent locations, in full acknowledgement of these regulations.
      - The management reserves the right to reject or revoke the enrollment and refund the enrollment fee in the following cases:
      a) Bands who share more than half their musicians with other bands, or bands which contain more than three musicians who also play in different bands. b) Bands that fail to complete the enrollment form properly or who provide erroneous, false, illegible or incomplete data. c) Bands who contravene these regulations shall be disqualified (in which case the enrollment fee shall not be reimbursed).

      - Mechanical and digital equipment, as well as phonographic support, may be used provided they do not represent the main aspect of the show itself. (For example, singing along to a DAT tape whilst three keyboard players mime does not constitute a ""live"" band).
      - There are no limits to age or musical genre for participation.
      - The band must consist of a minimum of three members all playing live instruments. - A waiver for special and/or incidental reasons may be requested by local management with exclusive reference to the minimum number of players for each band. The central management shall accept or reject one or more bands made up of less than three musicians at its discretion.

    • SchedulesOpen or Close

      - In any festival performance (with the exception of the finals), the number of bands per concert will range between six and nine. The management can change the number of bands playing on a specific day according to organizational needs.
      - Every band has a maximum performance time for its show. This performance time is allocated by the management and shall be the same length for each band per show. In case of organizational needs the above maximum time may be either increased or decreased by the management.
      - This period will include the changeover time (the time for the band that has just played to get off the stage and for the next one to get on). These arrangements will be discussed in full at the technical meeting.
      - All bands shall follow the instructions given by the management on changeover time and concert duration. The time will be monitored by the stage manager or by a management representative who can stop the concert at any moment at his/her own discretion. In other words, if you are given a thirty-minute set, it is not permitted to perform an encore afterwards. If this were to happen, the management would be forced to 'pull the plug'.
      - There is no minimum duration for each band's set.

    • Voting and Qualification for the Next PhasesOpen or Close

      - The audience present exclusively judges the bands participating in the Festival. They vote for that evening's winner by a show of hands at the end of every concert.
      - For the International Final, the voting system may be complemented or modified by parallel or additional systems.
      - On the basis of the votes cast at the end of the evening, the bands position shall be classified from first to last place.
      - Votes are counted by the management representative or by the judge (counter) responsible.
      - Qualification places shall be made known to all bands.
      - In the case of a dead heat or a tie, both bands will qualify for the next round.
      - A band that has been eliminated may be allowed to qualify at a later stage in extreme circumstances only. For example, if the band that won their heat split-up, the band that came second may be asked to replace them. The management shall notify any such decision to the band(s) in question.
      - The Festival provides lists of bands and the locations at which they are performing. However, these may be modified during the Festival according to the number of bands that enroll, those waiting to be enrolled or depending on the availability of clubs, theatres and venues where the concerts are to be held.
      - The rules for admittance to the different final phases of the Festival are established when the lists of participating bands are made official.
      - The winners at ""peripheral"" locations (i.e., those who do not have the right to play the European final), shall qualify for the highest-level regional or inter-regional final, according to the Festival needs.
      - The management shall inform all bands of the concert bills as early as possible, in so far as organizational and management needs allow.

    • SchedulesOpen or Close

      - During the first phase, the management, according to the Festival coordination needs assigns schedules. Once a schedule is assigned, it cannot be modified, except in extreme cases, (where proof will be required) and only if this is congruent with organizational needs.
      - Performance and sound check times shall be made known by the management. It is essential that these schedules be adhered to, with bands always arriving promptly on time for their sound checks.
      - Any delay at rehearsals, concerts or meetings (even if made by only one member of the band) is sufficient reason to disqualify a band from the Festival. Expulsion is at the discretion of the management.
      -Each evening (starting from the second phase), the schedules will always be allotted by the organization. This will be done according to an exclusive and unquestionable judgment made by the management. However, these will be given by fully respecting the results obtained in the first round.

    • MeetingsOpen or Close

      There shall be two meetings held before each performance. The first being an organizational meeting, and the latter a technical meeting. All band members must be present at both of these meetings (and on time!).
      - The absence of even one musician, or a delay caused by just one musician, shall be sufficient reason to disqualify the band to whom they belong.
      - One band member (who may be chosen by the rest of the band) shall be informed of the time and day of the meeting by telephone. Under no circumstances may the management be charged with the non-notification of the concert time, date and location to the other band members.
      - Thereafter, it shall be up to that band member to keep in touch with Emergenza, and to ensure that the rest of their band are all aware of the date, time and location of all meetings.

    • Instruments and soundcheckOpen or Close

      The management will provide sound and lighting equipment, as well as relevant engineers.
      - The management will provide drums, bass and guitar amplifiers, microphones, monitors, and all back-line equipment.
      - Personal instruments (guitars, basses, keyboards, etc.) must be provided by the band.
      - The management will provide electronic musical effects necessary for a good audience listening. The musicians themselves shall provide other effects that may be necessary for their guitars and basses.
      - Drum players should bring their bass drum pedal and their drumsticks.
      - The sound check schedule will be agreed upon at the technical meeting according to the needs of the management and of the technicians.

    • Enrollments and RefundsOpen or Close

      Upon enrollment all the bands shall pay the fee as specified in the notice/booklet.
      - Under no circumstances shall the enrolled bands pay further amounts of any kind to the management.
      - The management also offers reduced-rate tickets to all the bands; these tickets may only be used for advance sales for each concert.
      - No travel expenses shall be provided, except for the International Final.
      - Unless provided by local management, no catering service will be made available during the Festival.

    • Cancellation or change of dateOpen or Close

      Should the organization have to cancel or postpone a concert, the management shall propose a new date. If a band is unable to participate on this new date, they may withdraw from the festival and their enrollment fee shall be refunded.
      - Should a band need to change a concert date, the organization will make every effort to accommodate them. If the new date is not suitable for the band, then a refund shall not be issued.
      - If a band chooses to withdraw from the Festival once a concert date has already been issued, then their enrollment fee will not be refunded.
      - If a performance to be held in a specific venue should be moved to another venue (in the same city or district) the band will not be entitled to refund in the case of its non-participation.
      - Due to serious reasons the management reserves the right to change the performance location with advance notice served 8 hours before the beginning of the concert.

    • Acceptance of the Regulations and of ResultsOpen or Close

      Emergenza puts at the disposal of the participating bands, specific areas of the website and promotional material, such as posters and flyers. These materials may be used by the bands to promote their own concerts. Emergenza declines any responsibility concerning both the content of these specific Website areas and the illegal use of the promotional material.
      - All musicians are personally responsible for being aware of these regulations and complying with them. This will allow the management to provide an effective service to every single musician.
      - Failure to read these regulations will not justify non-compliance; it is therefore understood that upon enrollment each member is in agreement with, and will abide by said regulations.
      - During the first organizational meeting the band members or their representatives will be presented with an acceptance form with all the ""rules of the game"".
      - Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse if the above regulations, or those mentioned in the ""rules of the game"" are contravened.
      - Any band may request these regulations in each city were the Festival is being held.

    • Courts of JurisdictionOpen or Close

      Any lawsuits (whether civil, criminal or administrative) against the companies that own the Festival trademark and manage the Festival performances, including those disputes referring to events that took place during performance and that may not be directly linked to these regulations or to the Festival development, shall be referred to the Court of Rome (Italy) as Court of jurisdiction.
      Therefore, any lawsuits submitted to a Court of jurisdiction other than the above Court of Rome shall be deemed to be null and void, with the exclusion of any lawsuits and disputes notified to the companies and to each organizer and manager of the Festival under a Franchising agreement, who already took on all legal responsibilities towards third parties upon signing the Franchising agreement itself.


      Do not forget that Emergenza is first and foremost an occasion for fun, and an opportunity to express ones individual musical ideas in absolute freedom. Moreover, all Festival staff will do their utmost to make each show a success and a highly professional event. If the above rules seem restrictive, it is because they are in place to prevent a minority spoiling it for a majority. Emergenza stands for music, fun and freedom. If you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact our Organizational Secretariat.