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5/22/2017 4:49:40 PM

Moutons Noirs

5/22/2017 3:46:29 PM

Siberian Shore

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Post Rock
Russia - Россия
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Mama siberian street band

Russia - Россия
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Orbital Strike

Progressive Metal
Germany - Германия
House of Blues
телефон 888-693-2583

Общая информация: JulieJordan@LiveNation.com
House of Blues15 Lansdowne St, Boston Посмотреть карту

The House of Blues grew out of founder Isaac Tigrett's love for the unique American art form known as the "the Blues". Weaned on this music during his early childhood in Tennessee, one of Isaac's goals was to introduce the world to the music of the rural south, including the Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Jazz and Roots-based Rock & Roll.

The very first House of Blues opened its doors in a converted historical house in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1992 and is home to live music, original folk art, and delta-inspired cuisine.

The House of Blues is dedicated to educating and celebrating the history of Southern Culture and African American artistic contributions to music and art.

The House of Blues commitment to serving the community will always be a priority. From feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving Day before opening to the public to its grass-roots efforts to find and support local artists, the House of Blues is more than a place for music and food.

Steeped in tradition of the South, many of the artifacts and items represented in the House of Blues have historical significance.

Our "Crazy Quilt" stage curtains pay respect to the enslaved Africans who used the Underground Railroad as a passage to freedom. The "Jacob's Ladder" pattern is an example of this.

These curtains that cover every stage at our venues have been constructed in a free-form-abstract arrangement and took over one thousand hours to complete.

Under every stage in the House of Blues is a metal box filled with Delta Mississippi mud. This box is welded to the structure on the stage to ensure that every artist has the roots and the spirit of the South planted beneath their feet.

Our art collection is almost entirely comprised of Folk, Outsider, and Self-Taught artwork and we refer to this style as the "Visual Blues." Currently, the House of Blues is the largest curator of Outsider Art in the world.

Juke Joints are a major inspiration for the House of Blues look and feel. Many southern juke joints are full of hand painted signs and decor: eclectic collections of art, posters, furniture, wall murals, and other sorts of decoration.