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14 januari 2010

Sudden Annihilation
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Sudden Annihilation was born out of the former band Non-Active, which consisted of Carlo v/d Weck and Renaldo and Gregory den Hartog. After playing together for a couple of years, they found out the name Non-Active was already being used by another band so they changed their name to Sudden Annihilation.

The first gig as "Sudden Annihilation" was at the Slingerick where Dynamo (rehearsal studio) organised a Cover Fest. So together with their friend Arwin "Sjaakie" Dini they played some covers from Metallica, Children of Bodom, Ozzy Osbourne and Iron Maiden. The following year was a quiet one, Dini and Renaldo quit the band, but Renaldo soon returned. Another Cover Fest was arranged and with the help of Kay they played some covers from Herman van Veen, Britney Spears and Kalmah, with great succes. Kay was great, but his style and the style of Sudden Annihilation clashed to much, so they had to go separate ways.

Early 2007 Cliff Schluter joined the band and everything came together great. "Otherside" was written in record time but tension in the band reached new proportions. Renaldo left the band for good and writing music was at a stand still. Then SUDDENly there was Vince ten Have, who filled in for Renaldo on bass. In July, Greg and Carlo came to the conclusion that their style's were drifting to far apart, Carlo wanted to play "OldSkool Death Metal" and Greg wasn't into that so much anymore. So after playing together for 7 years, they also had to part ways. August 2007 a new drummer joined the band, Danny van Hek. Greg knew him from his school and was in the rockband "Drive". Danny was used to playing rock, but wanted to try Metal for a change and after a couple of rehearsals Danny really got the hang of it.

In 2008 Sudden Annihilation was writing a lot of new material, but due to some personal problems, Danny couldn't practice with the guys for a while. They found a replacement for the duration, Patrick v/d Veeken also drummer in Twister of Truth. More and more the band wrote difficult songs, specially for the drums. When Danny returned they found out that he could not play the things they had written. So after just one day of practice, Danny quit the band, now for good. Patrick went from being a substitute, to full time band member. A few month's later Cliff also decided to part with the band, cause he was more into the music he was playing with his other bands. At the same time Sudden met a guy named Kevin Oosthof, with basicly the same idea's for playing music, and quickly found his place replacing Cliff as rhythm guitarist..

As 2008 comes to a close, the first demo is released, called Slave of the Enemy. Also the gigs start to role in more and more and a lot of new music is being written. Plans are being made for a full length album, containing at least 11 songs, so we will keep you posted, and until then, stay Sudden!
Ger den Hartog    14 januari 2010 01:54