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30 oktober 2004

Split Screen
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    Alternative rock
    Forming in the summer of 2004, Pop-Punk’s newest legacy, Split Screen, rose from the ashes of two former bands of the same genre.  Having been friends since the early high school days, five of the previous seven band’s members decided to take the best elements from both bands and put them into one.  Their hunger to spread their wings of composition was paralleled only by their maturing sound.  Fusing the talent and insight of two incredible bands, a unique and immaculate sound ensued.   
        The origin of the band name is quite simple.  The Merch Chick of one of the former bands suggested the name, which they bare today.  To put it simply, two bands “split” to form one, and it only takes one “screening” to understand how perfect this union has become. 
         Aside from their catchy harmonic vocals, solid guitar work, and one very energetic stage presence, Split Screen consists of five amazing musicians, three of which are drummers.  Their current drummer, Justin Niedzwecki, their lead vocalist, Kevin Winwood, and rhythm guitarist, Matt Vasko, all played drums in former bands. At the end of each live show, they do an amazing drum solo, each drummer passing the torch to the next with flawless beat perfection.  Each of these members shows their talent and multi talent behind the drums with grace and precision.  This is a sight to behold — one that should not be missed, even by the most seasoned skeptics.

         All five members, including Bob Filiano, the bassist, and Chris Polski, the lead guitarist, astound audiences with their contributions to the band.  With complicated progressions, a soulfully enthusiastic stage show, and the most carefully planned breaks and drops, this musical pentagon amazes crowds everywhere.

        Since their debut in May, Split Screen has rocked stages all over Western Pennsylvania, and gone on to win several Battle of the Bands.  Taking first twice, third twice, and having moved on to the semi-finals of the internationally acclaimed Emergenza Festival which holds a chance to tour Germany, the band’s prospects grow with each passing day.  To see them live, one would know their dedication rises as well.   Having played with such big acts as Agent Orange, One Man Army, Punchline, The Berlin Project, The Underwater, and The Buzz Poets, Split Screen hopes, one day, to rock stages all over the world.  This unique and talented band is winning over crowds one by one, and they won’t give up until they have fullfilled their dream.
    Justin Niedzwecki    30 oktober 2004 04:58