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Anmält 15 oktober 2020 klockan 18:59

Blood and Black Lace

Anmält 27 september 2020 klockan 20:45

Living Our Dreams

Anmält 17 september 2020 klockan 11:08


Band som snart går upp på scener runt om i världen
Anmält igår kl. 19:00


Anmält 23 oktober 2020 klockan 08:41

The International Finale 2008 - day 2

TAKO LAKO A gispsy punked influenced band reminiscent of Gogol Bordello and kaiser orchestra. Super Charged as soon as they walked on stage. Eight members including a super competent clarinet player and squeezebox stealing moments by doing amazing solos. High energy, good tunes involving the crowd on a bright early day. The singer commanded the stage very well getting respect from the crowd. Toe tapping music for the mass. A great set full of energy……thank you Tako Lako…….thank you gipsy punks KATARSICK Heavy rock on the verge of metal. All dressed in black, all looking mean and ready to rock. The singer looked like a posessed man that makes Marylin Manson look like a schoolboy on a day trip. Solid band with great skills and lots of volume! Thoroughlly enjoyable. TEMPLE HILL 6 boys on a roll…..New Yorkers with attitude. Taking no prisoners! Very strong vocals alternate between the two main front men (they both had incredibly powerful voices). An amazing drummer keeping the band together topped with 2 guitarists with more skills than freckles on Lindsay Lohan. Combine all this with good tunes, good stage presence and you get this! Fantastic! THE KING SIZE Rock and roll old school … throw some 60’s style pop and you have this 4 piece from Treviso, Italy. Great guitar licks, super confident drummer and great tunes. Imagine Chuck Berry and Beatles but with more energy. This turned out to be a very pleasant surprise on a sunny after afternoon with the energy level soaring and making all women shake their RnR back sides……rock on! Bloody wonderful!!! A MATCH FOR THE CURIOUS Toronto four piece with enough rock in their veins to drown the stars of today … Strong vocals that had huge vocal cords as well as backing singing from the guitarist who could also shred…..properly! Substantial stage presence with a super fat bass tone topped with a dynamic hitter on the drum kit. Tight, confident and good to look at. Hugely enjoyable. Excellent … THE VANDOLLS Balls out!! This is what rock n roll is and these boys delivered just that. All the way from Sydney, Australia these four crazy guys really rocked the stage properly. This was an historical event for us as this mad bastards were the first Australian band ever to rock for the Germans and boy did they respond…..Aussie attitude that would make Guns and Roses look like a mouse next to an elephant. More energy than a nuclear plant and more rock tunes than Motley Crue. 80’s Hair metal/rock played by four aussie punks on the booze….let’ rock!!! TASH The first piano fronted band of the week end. Ladies and gentleman welcome to Stuttgart. This is obviously where songs are written from the heart. More passion than an Italian woman in bed. They got more cheers by obviously playing the “home game”. These great communicators made the audience appreciate what they saw on stage. What they saw was a brilliant band with equally brilliant songs….Go Germany!! GLORIA CYCLES F*** me!! What is this? A brilliant band with cleverly written tunes? Yes! A bunch of guys making the crowd sweat and dance until they get blisters on their feet? Yes! Well, after that what is more to say?? A lot actually as this is was a complete band in all senses. Visually, sonically and the energy factor was a main component. Imagine walking in a restaurant and being served the best dish you’ve had in months….mouthwatering tunes served with a visual spice topped with lots of energy sauce…….YUM!!! yes and they left us wanting more…..Absolutely staggering!!!!