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Breaking New Ground in Italian Hip Hop: Beppe Malizia e I Ritagli Acustici

This band from Genoa has got the market cornered for the hip hop/Italian singer songwriter genre

After many live performances, collaborations, and even a demo, Beppe Malizia separates from his former stage name Matiz and starts down a new path. He’s always been a little bit off the beaten path from the typical hip hop artist, and his new project BEPPE MALIZIA & I Ritagli Acustici takes his off-beat characteristics to the extreme, creating an amalgamation of rap and Italian singer songwriter music on the group’s latest 15-track, self-titled album. Like bebop music was to the beat poets, I Ritagli Acustici (The Acoustic Clippings) piece together a sonar patchwork that weaves freely and expressively around Beppe’s vocals. His edgy lyrical flow—on anything from sociopolitical issues like in the song “Consumarsi Tragedie” to suicide as in “Marta”—is focused through an ever inquisitive and cynical lens.
The instrumentation, which includes violin, flute, harmonica, guitar and a range of different percussion instruments, swirls around like a whirlwind with the steady voice of Beppe always front and center, holding its ground. Thanks to his collaboration with Bunker@Work video production, the videos accompanying four of the singles off the new album are top notch. All in black and white, with a somewhat recurring cast of characters from one video to the next, each one is well conceived and offers a compelling visual backdrop to the music. Stand out songs on the album include track four “Poeta di noi stessi” with its super arresting, dark, moving piano riff and “Imparanoia” where the guitar particularly rips. They just rocked the stage at The Claque in Genoa with the songs off the new album for round one of Emergenza Festival Italia. Check back in at Emergenza.net to read about the show and don't forget to check out Beppe’s site for original music, videos and lyrics.