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Velvet Scream

United Kingdom
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Alternative rock
United Kingdom
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Mark Wright

Alternative indie
United Kingdom
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The big Taubertal final

19 winners from all over the world share stages with the big headliners

Since 2000 the big international Emergenza-Final takes place during the Taubertal Open Air in the medieval Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany.
The 19 winner bands from all over the world are rocking theirselves through three days of excessive festival atmosphere. Together with the emergenza staff they are accomodated in a nice hostel in the historical downtown. A separate shuttle bus transports them every hour to the festival compund and back in the evening.
The Emergenza winner will play on the main stage on Sunday evening before the last two acts of the festival. Every live movement of them will be displayed on the huge video walls – and give them the exact same platform as the big headliners which will be among others:

EDITORS (Friday)

Since their first 2005 breakthrough single "Munich", this Birmingham 4 piece went from strength to strenghth. Lots of touring and gigs in clubs helped the release of their debut album "The back room" which went straight into the UK top 10. The same year Editors went from supporting Franz Ferdinand to headlining open air festivals all over Europe and having their songs on constant airplay throughout the world.


One of the most powerful british rock bands on the scene. This quartet lead by charismatic female singer Skin has been filling arenas and festivals with their intense and sometimes political blend of rock and roll. Top 10 in just about every western European country, Skunk Anansie have amazing stage presence and a volume to rip your face off.


Biffy Clyro are a Scottish rock band that formed in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire comprising Simon Neil (guitar, lead vocals), James Johnston (bass, vocals) and Ben Johnston (drums, vocals). Currently signed to 14th Floor Records, they have released six studio albums, three of which, Puzzle, Only Revolutions and Opposites reached the top five in the UK Albums Chart. They also claimed their first number one album in the UK Albums Chart with their sixth studio album, Opposites.


Also dubbed "the intellectuals of punk", Bad Religion are one of the hardest working bands out there in the festival circuit and considered by most in the business true legends and pioneers. They formed and released through their own label called Epitah and then later signed and launched the careers of Rancid, The Vandals, NO FX, The offspring, L7 and Pennywise. They are one of the most intelligent and socially aware bands out there mixing powerful political messages with punk energy.

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And these are our 19 bands, which will play on the Sounds for Nature Stage:

Germany: FLOWERS IN SYRUP (Stuttgart)
Friday - 13:45

Three guys with the same passion for music. Their sound is like the creation of a dreamworld. The music is characterized by gentle but also pushing vocals together with harmonic melodies and driving rythms. Just like the ups and downs of life.

Russia: ROCCO (Krasnoyarsk)
Friday - 14:15

We are Rocco band. We will remind you what is the damn true rock-n-roll, yeah! We extremely love music, women & spirits. You too?
When in the summer of 2009 three friends, Alex Nursultan, Serj Serjoff and Dennis Chech got together in a garage just to play to their hearts’ content, Rocco the band was born.

United Kingdom: BLACK ORCHID EMPIRE (London)
Friday - 14:45

Black Orchid Empire deliver intensely memorable songs that embrace soaring melodies, unusual time signatures and grooving drum patterns. This creative collaboration will capture the listener and never let go. Whether on record or at a snarling live performance, their arresting, heartfelt music demands your attention. Finding a purpose has never sounded this good.

Turkey: KAOS (Istanbul)
Friday - 15:15

Kaos is a hardcore band established in January 2009 by Eray YURGA.
Kaos has strengthened its place among Turkish hardcore bands with the projects it performed, with the festivals it participated in and the awards it won; and has shown its difference with the degree it earned in various contests.
The band played their first big gigs in KEMANCI and other rooted metal/rock bars in İstanbul with their own repertoire of songs in Turkish, and has achieved a great success.

Poland: STRAIGHT CAT JACK (Warsaw)
Friday - 15:45

Straight Jack Cat is simply organic rock'n'roll. Making noise is their game. The guys are completely unpredictable on stage and sound as raw as it can get. Half a century old analog machines are their favorite toys.

Spain: VUCAQUE (Madrid)
Friday - 16:15

Vucaque was born in Madrid in the 2010's. The band is formed by Ariel Ruiz (Guitar), Jorge Coello (Vocals), Daniel Rodríguez (Drums) and Rubén Sánchez (Bass). The band released their first album in June 7th, called Vucaque, with a cover drawn by the artist Gabriela Casero Monge. The Band is currently preparing their first tour around Spain.

Germany: FINALSTAIR (Berlin)
Friday - 16:45

Finalstair is a three piece alternative indie band from the heart of Berlin with a very intensive live show. So get there and see them performing!

Australia: CUERVO (Sydney)
Friday - 17:15

Cuervo are a 4 piece rock band based in Sydney bringing you a volcanic and rhythmic mix of alternative, progressive and experimental rock flavours with a hint of desert rock.
"This tight foursome is frenetic in their playing, energetic in their performance and a sheer delight to listen to" - Roy Barnes, photographer.

Friday - 17:45

Ordinary People spring up in Turin’s music scene in 2011Adoring the most part of Black Music, particularly funk, soul and smooth-jazz, main elements of present-sound of the band, Ordinary People’s members enrich their musical common vision with a mix coming from different origins, like electronic music, g-funk, progressive sprinkles, or some pop-music concepts and stride-piano reminiscences.

Finland: SHOUT (Helsinki)
Saturday - 13:45

"Eventually we will get you".
In 2010, after a band break-up and several years of song writing, guitar player Eero ”Eetu” Nieminen decided to assemble a bunch of ambitioned musicians together for a fresh new start. Their classical pop/pop-rock melodies are spiced up with a hint of fresh vibes of new music. Shout won the Emergenza Festival Finland Finals in Helsinki as well as the Scandinavian Finals in Stockholm! Now the energetic band is ready for the next step!

Switzerland: AWESOME ARNOLD (Winterthur)
Saturday - 14:20

"Arnold von Arnoldsweiler" was musician (harp player and singer) on the courtyard from Karls the Big. He's the patron for musicians, organists, intrument builders.
Awesome Arnold was founded a few days after new years eve 2013.
AA's sound is a lot of acoustic guitar playing and funky riffs, mashed up with great basslines and drumtunes. Some might say it's popmusic, but they should call it Feelgoodmusic ;)

Germany: GOLDMOUTH (Hamburg)
Saturday - 14:55

Goldmouth didn't only win the Emergenza Final in Hamburg but also the School Jam Contest Germany 2013. The Trio combines the force of Led Zeppelin or Wolgmother with enormous hooklines — if the play live, they shake the stage.

Sweden: NEGATIVE NANCY (Malmö)
Saturday - 15:30

Based in Ystad the very south of Sweden; Negative Nancy is a pop-rocking quartet that finds inspiration in funky -and upbeat ska rhythms. As a result of the members diverse musical taste, their jointly composed music spans several genres. The catchy, upbeat and happy music of Negative Nancy appeals to a wide audience from young, middle to old age. When playing live the band is accompanied by backupsingers Frida Green and Maria Eggeling.

Italy: HEY! ELIZABETH (Florence)
Saturday - 16:05

Hey! Elizabeth born in 2011 by sewing four friends with very different musical personalities and backgrounds. Fender deluxe reverb clatter sounds mixed with counter melodies and delirious drumming are the ingredients for tracks as Plug-in and Alice in wonderbra. At the end of 2012 the band signed up to Emergenza; we are ecxited to see them play at the world finales on the Taubertal Open Air.

Japan: TarO&JirO (Tokyo)
Saturday - 16:40

TarO & JirO look like an acoustic rock duo - don't let them fool you! With drum grooves and effects via foot pedals, a riveting live show and enough distortion to make Van Halen turn green with jealousy, these 2 guys rock the stage like no other duo. Tune in, rock out

France: OBSOLETE RADIO (Paris)
Saturday - 17:15

The four guys from Paris make post-punk which is danceable across the board. They don't have to be afraid: it does sound british, although they have song titles like " I Would Like My Music To Sound British ".

Sunday - 13:55

Hailing from Paris, France, Cities Lullabies is a project born in 2006 around Morgane (voice and Fender Rhodes) & Vincent (synths and drum machine). Drawing influences from Trip-Hop to Indie Pop, the band have created their own dark and intimate universe. Joined on stage by Jb (guitar) & Camille (drums), their live performances deliver a mix of electronic, electric and acoustic instruments, and are not to be missed!

Netherlands: COLLECT CALL FROM MARS (Amsterdam)
Sunday - 14:30

"Collect Call from Mars creates their own brand of alternative pop-rock that describes itself best as a mix between Metric and The Noisettes. Although they are no strangers to the studio, the stage is where the band really feels at home. Every show highlights the energetic performance, where all members give it their all to make it happen. Experience a Collect Call from Mars in an area near you! Do you dare to accept the charges...?"

Canada: NÖYZE (Montreal)
Sunday - 15:05

Noyze is a 4 piece Canadian ambient rock band formed in 2008. The band plays original compositions in English and has a live demo entitled SDLR sessions published in 2012. The band is currently working on a full album project scheduled for the end of 2013. Since 2010, Noyze has participated in several events and competitions and won the first prize over two consecutive years for the "Paroles et Musique" competition, which gave them the opportunity to play in Ixtaplapa, Mexico (2011, 2012).