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Braking Lane

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Colorful People

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Bats vs. Cats

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Exit Stage Left

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April 15th was the date for a long awaited Emergenza Final in Brno, CZ, in which nine of the best and most successful bands from previous rounds took part. As a member of the jury, songwriter and guitarist of Czech metal band Eagleheart and manager of Emergenza for Brno I had to observe and assess the performance of all the bands and now I will try to express my ideas on this amazing night. Bombs From Heaven was the first band to perform, playing a kind of neo punk rock. Although they started a bit later due to some time issues of their drummer, they did a great job. The performace was full of energy and frontman of the band Johny showed us he is the man on the right place despite the fact that he had some minor vocal problems that night. Unfortunately for Bombs From Heaven the band did not get enough votes to go to the jury which was maybe caused by their playing position. But that’s life. The second band performing that night was Propaganja, one of the favourites of the final. Again they showed us their amazing pop rock with various influences using instruments like bongos, clarinet etc, not even mentioning their fabulous skills as players. And again they were really successful among the fans which helped them to get to the jury. After them the time came for Nešvilský Krúžek, totally different band influenced by American country and rock, however with Czech lyrics full of humour and irony. What I would like to emphasize about this band is their great guitar player Jarek Malý who proved to be the best one that night. In his solos he showed us his influence by Ritchie Blackmore as he interpretd some of Blackmore’s solos from Purple era, eg. the one from Highway Star. However this band did not make it to the jury. Another band was Mystická Spirála, heavy gotick rock music supported by wide range of keyboards. An interesting thing about them is also their stage performance: each member was in a black toga with a spiral symbol on it. The band did perhaps their best Emergenza performance and as they had a lot of fans suporting them from the first rows, they easily got enough votes to get to the jury. BioMassa was the fifth band of the night, some of the members are playing in Nešvilský Krúžek, too but for my taste this band was not such a fun compared to Krúžek. But the guys did a good job and they had a lot of fans so they were able to make it to the jury. After them a band called Metropolice too the stage for another 25min to play some of their funky rock songs with Czech funny lyrics. I really liked thed drummers performance that I have to appreciate, although all the guys were really good players. However, the did not get enough votes to go to the jury. Another band expected to make it to the jury with many fans coming was Overdrive. Personally I really liked their rock, it had a lot of energy, movement on the stage, the drummer and the guitar player are really amazing. For the negatives I have to mention that although I kind of liked singing of the female vocalist Katka, she seems to me too cold on stage. I would appreciate if she gave at least some eye contact or showed us her pretty smile more often. Maybe she was just a bit nervous and this issue will vanish with more experience on stage. Nevertheless, Overdrive was successful and thanks to votes of the audience the made it to the jury. Pehaps the most successful band of Emergenza in Brno was Line Out and it is important to add that they really deserved it, that is for sure. Their pop rock had a great response in the audience which was giving them the positive energy right back. I really liked the show and I am happy that this band will go on, but later about that. The last competing band of the night was IK Banda which performed without their drummer in a nice acoustic set. Although it is a rock band, in the acoustic arrangements the songs revealed their folk influences. IK Banda brought a lot fans with themselves that helped the band to get to the jury. During the set of Hungarian band SoundVis!on the jury consisting of Sebastian Haase, the Emergenza Director for East Central Europe, Martin Klekner, a frontman of Brno metal band Flowerwhile, and Standa Mělníček, manager of Faval music club, and me were discussing our points and opinions on the five bands that made it to the jury. After all we decided Line Out to be the first band going to the final in Bratislava, Mystická Spirála got the second place and Overdrive the third one, both going to the final in Prague. Moreover, all five bands that reached the jury got a present by our partner Audiotek plus Propaganja on the fourth place got the Sabian HiHat cymbals from Emergenza. In conclusion I would like to add that it was a great and successful season for Emergenza in Brno. Let’s see how the bands will be successful in the following rounds. For Emergenza Mciha Kůs