Summer 2004 - Strawman is touring the entire United States with the Kottonmouth Kings (80 shows in 90 days) in venues averaging 1,000 person capacities. Prior to the tour, Strawman charted nationally on CMJ's Radio 200, landed on top 30 playlists at 65 college stations, sold more than 5,000 self-produced cds, played more than 300 shows, and ran two vans into the ground. And they're still having fun.

Without the help of a label, distributor, or radio promoter, Strawman convinced more than 160 college and independent radio Music Directors to place their album in rotation. "A Better Handle On mY Psyche" was one of the top ten albums at 23 different stations. The band is back with a new disc and a newfound energy, and is ready to tackle the establishment once more.

Strawman's music falls somewhere between ass-shaking-bump-n-grind, neck-fracturing-Beavis-rock, and foot-stompin-ditties. Their live show has gained them opening slots for bands like Everclear, Collective Soul, Anthrax, FUEL, Smile Empty Soul, Seether, The Exies and others. Influenced by the likes of early Chili Peppers, Mr. Bungle, and Sugar Ray's "Lemonade and Brownies," Strawman's brand new studio effort, "American Idle", serves up the funk with a radio-friendly pop attitude to match.

Strawman is fronted by Floppy, an intense freakjob with a life-long history on community theater stages. He has more hair than you. Mark pounds out aggressive bass lines but tempers the power with cascading melodies. He has less hair than you. Shane, a barely pubescent personification of pure energy, is responsible for Strawman's maddening guitar riffs. Finally, Dan is the metronome, responsible for keeping it all together while slipping in tom fills that defy gravity.

Strawman is determined, talented, and ready. Have a listen for yourself.
John Charles Meyer    01 January 2004 12:00