DEVINE NATURE... Or "How the Nature became Devine!"

Devin (Devine) Ward and Phil Lemaire have been collaborators and "buds" since high school. They formed a production company in 1998, and worked with local Funk, Hip-Hop, Neo Soul, and GO-GO artists, in the Washington DC area. In 2001, they decided to form their own creative project... and thus Devine Nature (THE BAND) was born! With Phil on keys and Devin on a little bit of everything, they would solicit the help of a few old high school buddies. Paul (Hoffman) who brought about a funky slap style and bottom heavy licks came in on bass. Gary (Monroe) came in a short while later, and with his Latin influence added a nice flavor to the already funky raw sound of the Nature with percussion. With the addition of a heavy-hitting drummer and funky lead guitar, Phil and Devin finally had a core of musicians that could execute their musical ideas. Phil could write a moody ballad that could bring a tear to your eye, and the band could deliver it live.

The band was gaining a loyal following on the local scene, playing at bars and clubs and taking road trips to gigs. Then they were blessed to have the incredibly talented songstress they had envisioned for so long in Andaiye, joining the fold. Her strong female presence exudes the power of women in the new millennium... Sexy and self-assured. Ricky (McKay) on guitar and Dyrell (Madison) on drums are the latest additions to the Devine Nature family. With propulsive rhythms and "crazy-sick" leads on guitar, Ricky "Rockstar" McKay helped the Nature get to the other side. Drummer Dyrell Madison joined the DEVINE NATURE family in 4/4 time blending his swing drum style, and keeping the bands metronome right in the pocket. And in the end "Devine Nature presents…"Neo-Funkalistic Flavaz" was born, their first full length CD in April 2003!

Devine Nature blends several genres of music from Funk, soul, hip-hop, and acid jazz to go-go, Latin, rock and reggae. But through it all the common thread is FUNK!

DEVINE NATURE will be sure to take you back to the days where real musicians played real music. So.... welcome to the future of the funk … DEVINE NATURE a Neo-Funkalistic Band!
Rick McKay    11 November 2003 12:00