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20 September 2004

Woke Up in Vegas
Woke Up in Vegas is a 5 piece rock band out of Buffalo,Ny. Fronted by Chris Nathan who belts out hypnotic melodies and plays 8 different instruments. Guitarist' Johnny Mossop, and Jim Kwarta are a dynamic duo with their interaction and counterparts, they are a joy to listen and watch. Jake Foltyniak and Brian Kwarta hold down the rhythm section with their tight intricate patterns.

They've recently jumped on board with The Agency Group whom has made them a top priority and has been helping WUiV work hard to acheive their goals.

WUiV recently made a 4 song demo with producer Terry Sawchuk who's writing credits are with the likes of Alanis Morisette, Our Lady Peace and jazz singer Matt Dusk.

WUiV is certain that with alot of hard work, and their faithful fans they will no doubt be a staple in rock for years to come.

Check out WUiV at for mp3's and to stay in touch.
" if you love music you'll love WUiV"
Chris Nathan    20 September 2004 06:56