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21 October 2004

LADIEEES and GENTELLLMEN, introducing INTENSION, the band that delivers a kick to every fans head with their unique styling of hardcore debauchery. Established in January 2002, InTension developed a large Central Florida fan base over the past two years. InTension leads the way in creating a scene for heavy music in Daytona Beach, Fl by having played more than forty shows from August 2004 to January 2005.
Like building a strong house, InTension believes the key to writing a great song is by laying a solid foundation. This is accomplished so cleverly that you won't even realize you've begun to nod your head. The sound of Intension incorporates heavily rectified crunchy guitar and groove oriented yet melodic bass lines. InTension sets itself apart by offering beautiful three part harmonies coupled with furious voices. This helps to create a “hook” in every song that you just can’t help singing along.
InTension has been featured in publications such as: The Daytona Beach News Journal and That’s Entertainment Magazine. Their music has passed across the airwaves on 95.7 WHOG “The Hog” during the Metal Til’ Midnight and The Scene radio programs. Soon, InTension will play for you in your home town. They will tell you what they tell everyone: "INTENSION IS TAKING OVER!"
Gus Colarusso Mr.    21 October 2004 10:24