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03 September 2005

And along came MY-T-MO, with a crash cymbal reverberating in your ear drums and you never saw it coming.

Crunchy, chunky guitar licks for head bopping galore and casually cynical, cleverly composed tales of love lost and lopsided, bad relationship manners, and the overwhelming desire to take a long, long trip away...from this planet. All of this adorned in hands clapping, bells chiming, and hooks so contagious no antibiotic will save you.

Born in Los Angeles in the winter of 1998, MY-T-MO has been carefully nursed by sisters Gina and Lisa. Front woman Gina is out of this world, Lydia Lunch refereeing a hair-tugging war between Cyndi Lauper and Gwen Stephani, while Lisa plays the keys like the days when synthesizers were boss and fingerless lace gloves were haute couture. Drummer Mike Svoboda and bassist Tony Aldana provide bouncing, thumping beds of rhythm for "Screwy" Louie Anthony to hurl his mad axe-slinging riffs against.

A little bit of punk, a little bit of nostalgia, and an overdose of madness...MY-T-Mo is a surprise, surprise, surprise...everyone thinks so. See?

Rock City News:

"Up next was what caught me totally off guard, two lovely girls, three grungy guys, and some of the memorable music I've heard in a long time. They call themselves MY-T-MO and these guys rocked. All I know is this band put on a very energetic, entertaining and exciting set. I wanted more!"

Music Connection:

"MY-T-MO has created an exciting sound. Their show is dynamic and their energy is contagious. This band has the songs and the skills to reach a very wide audience." Robert Norman

Hit Parade:

"From the get-go MY-T-MO is non-stop showmanship and this really adds to the effect of their music. Good songs, rich textures, solid musicianship, great one could say that this band doesn't do a good job."

Virtually Alternative Magazine:

"I was blown away by the beauty, humor and sheer power of this retro influenced outfit. I found myself doing things I haven't done in years. All in all I had a blast and highly recommend you check out MY-T-MO, you won't be disappointed, I promise."
TONY ALDANA    03 September 2005 06:19