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28 September 2005

Beyond Tomorrow
Beyond Tomorrow brings a new meaning to punk rock with a fusion of pop-punk and alternative rock that brings an entirely new experience to the music scene.

Beyond Tomorrow originated in 2004 from the acoustic duo of Steve and Hodar. After setting a record high score at a local Open Mic Night in Athens, GA, Steve and Hodar picked up drummer Phil Goodwin. Then, it seemed that the guy that ran the open mic night was a rockin' bassist. After 30 minutes of acoustic practice, Alec learned 4 of the group's songs. A bassist was established. Beyond Tomorrow wasa officially formed in January of 2005, and is now working on writing new material and recording, as well as working their way in to the local music scene in GA. Their first 5 song EP was released in August of 2005 and is now available to softly caress your inner ear.
Steve Gagnier    28 September 2005 08:45