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07 October 2005

Escaping Zane
With each member hailing from different corner of the globe including Baltimore, Trinidad, Sweden and New York, it’s amazing that Escaping Zane hooked up in the city of Angels with one single goal in mind: to play kick ass music!

With an unwavering determination to push the envelope, Escaping Zane delivers a bold, original sound that combines elements of pop, rock, punk and alternative. Armed with their upbeat, hook laden tunes, this dynamic foursome is captivating audiences all across California.

It all began back in the summer of 2004 when charismatic singer/ songwriter Todd Aidan meandered into a coffee shop in the valley. There, he bore witness to an awe inspiring sight: a sexy female guitarist named Marigold Sky tearing it up on stage. Todd and Marigold struck up a conversation and agreed to write a song together. Within a few short months, they had built up an arsenal of material and decided to seek out musicians who shared their vision and goals.

Pierre R. contacted Todd and Marigold after reading their ad in a local magazine. Within 5 minutes of hearing their songs, he knew he had to join the project. Pierre’s slammin' grooves, impeccable timing, and unparalleled enthusiasm, made him an instant asset to the band.

Having the right bass player changes everything, and when EZ auditioned Dave Rosner, there was no question they had found the missing piece of the puzzle. Hailing from NYC, Dave brings a tougher rock punk sensibility to the power pop outfit.

The final result is Escaping Zane, an LA foursome who’s ‘all-pistons-pumping songs pack a pure pop rock punch,’ according to Music Connection Magazine.

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Pierre Restel    07 October 2005 01:33