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09 October 2005

The Everyday People
The Everyday People reach those music lovers searching for a new band that goes back to the roots of soul music but still rocks right along. The Everyday People have quickly broken into the Austin, TX music scene with a sound that gives the listener thought-provoking lyrics with a musical core based in rock & soul. The group is a stellar mix of veteran musicians and seasoned road warriors. Front-man Jeffrey David is an accomplished singer, soulfully combining R&B, soul, gospel, funk, and rock. The presence of his voice is beyond compare to peers or professionals alike. Driving the rhythm section is Derek Luke on drums and Chris York on bass guitar. Both of these sought-after musicians are students of the old school notion that the bass guitar and drums function as one and the tightness of these two is undeniable. Bringing up the rear is highly regarded lead guitar player John Ewerz. The Everyday People is one group that has quickly made the Austin, TX music scene stand up and take notice and embrace yet another one of it's own, exceeding the high quality of music that reflects "the live music capital of the world." The Everyday People..... rock infused soul funkin us all!

Jeffrey David Goldford    09 October 2005 02:46