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09 October 2005

Reflection was created in 1997 in a Butler, PA church and humbly began as a two-man band. High school friends Cody Tyler and Jason Toogood started out with the church’s drum set, a Dean Z electric guitar and a Radio Shack amplifier; freestyle riffs and lyrical concoctions were blasted at an amazing 15 watts! But after graduating high school, the two wound up miles away from one another and Reflection seemed to come to a complete stand-still. It was three years later when Cody transferred schools and wound up back in Butler that Reflection was reborn.

Nothing but divine intervention could have brought the three future band members to the same place at the same time. Lead guitarist Mike Bell, drummer Chris Lanza, and bassist Jeff Frankenstein staggered into the band after meeting Tyler through a Christian organization on campus. Interestingly enough, when Bell came on, he began as the bass player while Tyler played guitar. Toogood was behind the drums at the time, and when Lanza was propositioned to join the band, it was actually as the singer. It didn’t take long before Bell switched to his primary axe of choice—guitar—and the guys realized that Lanza was master of the toms. After Toogood gracefully bowed-out of his role as drummer and took up vocals, Lanza claimed his seat at the throne. It took longer for Frankenstein to make his appearance. After Bell began playing lead guitar, the band was in need of a bassist. Brian Cerulli played with Reflection for the better part of 2004, but stepped aside when he became a father so that the band could keep its momentum going full-force. It was then that musical prodigy Jeff Frankenstein was introduced into the band, and the rest is history in the making.

Reflection's influences range far and wide, including bands like As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera, ZAO, Children of Bodom, Shadows Fall, and Bleeding Through. Most recently, Reflection has been asked to take part in “Emergenza,” an international competition of unsigned bands. This tour is sponsered by companies like Sabian Cymbals, Ernie Ball, Remo Drums, Ampeg, Mapex, and many others. They will start their first stage of the musical battle right in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA on January 11, 2006.

Reflection conveys the message and hope of Jesus Christ through excrutiatingly thunderous riffs, heart-rending vocals, powerful drum-driven breakdowns and intricate bass lines, harmony-laced guitar fills and screaming guitar solos. All of this in a tightly-knit force to be reckoned with...
Cody Tyler    09 October 2005 03:45