Since their emergence in the summer of 2003, Cameo Nova has enjoyed their fair share of success as well as spontaneous detours that have propelled the very sound they carry. Each have been grateful to form this core group that has chiseled their music as no one but Cameo Nova can do. From their experiences over the past few years, Cameo Nova has solidly formed not only as a band, but also as a unique cornerstone in the Atlanta music scene. The band still remains below the radar, but receives overwhelming responses to their hard driving melodic sound. They will continue their relentless drive and stop-at-nothing character to conquer their dream. The band would like to send out a "thanks" to all their fans, friends, and family that have made this possible. With much appreciated praise, the band could not be here without you. Thanks for spending time with us. (from
Adam Brimanson    29 November 2005 02:50