Last Update:

06 January 2006

The roots of Tryfecta stem from the previous projects in which they had collaborated together in the past. Bill and Jarrod originally met in Tucson and played in a local band, and the three together were part of a Phoenix band in 2003. Although the bands did not last, they realized that they had not even scratched the surface of their creative output.

Deciding to move forward into a new project, the music evolved into a fusion of each individual’s influences and talents. Andy’s tribal drumming, Bill’s slap-and-tap bass lines, and Jarrod’s interleaving guitar tracks result in a diverse sound ranging from metal to funk. Even now, the band’s sound evolves as they continue their journey through the creative process.

Their music has a common energy and intensity which is complemented on the stage. The emotion and enthusiasm displayed by the three provides an exciting and fun performance, showing that the members have fun while being serious about the music.

So take a listen or check out a show to see and hear what it’s all about!!

Andrew Mally    06 January 2006 01:04