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01 September 2006

Far From Famous
Far From Famous is a pop/punk new school/old school band-whatever that means, Seriously, what does that mean? Tim Boone was born ( of his mother ) on May 11 1984 in the San Fernando Valley California and at that moment he was born. While growing up tim was skater/surfer/dirtbike rider but now that he is older drums have taken over his life. He has been playing drums for 8 years and has just recently graduated from MI in Hollywood. Garrett Collins was born November 10 1982 in Fullerton California. When he was younger he loved to play outside with the neighbors kids and play street hockey. As he got older he began racing bikes on a semi professional level which is where he met John. Garrett has been playing guitar and writing songs for 9 years which is hard to believe considering he still isn't very good at it. Garrett loves to surf and not work. His favorite restaurants are BJ's and the Olive Garden. Garrett's favorite drummer is Tim Boone. Something strange you may not know about him is that he cries at anything remotely emotional. John Terrones was born September 23 1982 in Whittier California. When he was younger he raced in triathalons and pretended to know what people were saying when they talked to him. John loves to surf/skate and do anything that involves danger or a brain cell deficiency. When he got older he became a cyclist and began shaving his legs, which is ironically where he met Garrett. In 2001 the three realized that they all had the same loves: GOD and music. Far From Famous was officially formed in the winter of 2002 and has been getting more serious about GOD and music every day. Their debut record "The Deceptions of Duke Decado" was released in May of 2006.
Garrett Collins    01 September 2006 02:46