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14 September 2006

The Wheel
We are "The Wheel" out of Colorado Springs, CO. Our style is hard to define, basically a mix between Blues rock, and prgressive rock. We are influenced by the bands of the old days, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd, Guns n' Roses.

Sean Woestehoff fronts the band as our singer and guitar player. He lets loose with heavy solo's and in your face guitar rifts. Scott Jensen can be found beside him holding a guitar as well. Sometimes Scott grabs the acoustic and awe's us with his unique finger picking. In the rythm section you'll find Ryan McKinley holding a bass. He gives the bass power, and some walking lines here and there. Finally in the back you'll see drummer Nick Yanez sitting behind his set. He blends technical fills with his power drumming to match whatever rift the band is playing. Together they are... The Wheel.
Nick Yanez    14 September 2006 01:28