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05 October 2006

Middlebrook was formed by the remaining original members Corey Young (guitar) and Lacey Robinson (vocals). At the time, Taylor Robsinson (drums), Lehman Stevens (guitar), and Jason Heeter (bass) were also with the band. Lehman and Jason weren't with the band for long. After their departure, Korey Smith was added as the new bassist. Korey has about as much experience on bass as guitar. He brought fresh, new riffs to the band. David Jarvis soon became the fifth member of Middlebrook. David hadn't had much practice with the synth, but learned quickly. In time he advanced his ability to play synth and also brought great stage presence to the band.

After Taylor Robinson departed the band, drummer Garrett Griggs took over. Garrett added a lot to Middlebrooks sound with his drumming background. At this point, bassist Korey Smith decided to move to guitar. The band asked bassist Brandon Chazelle to join the group and from there the line-up was complete. Like David, Brandon brought on good stage presence and has played for other local acts in Potosi.

Middlebrook currently has a 3 song E.P. and plans to record a full-length in March. They are also playing shows all around Missouri.
Korey Smith    05 October 2006 11:58