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01 November 2006

“NOMAD's mix of modern heavy main-stream rock and heavy metal is always sure to add up to some kick-ass, scream until your throat hurts Original Rock & Roll"

Since the band's conception in the fall of 2001, NOMAD has released a 4 song EP titled 'Releasing Energy' in 2002, and their debut full-length album 'Out Of The Darkness’ in 2005. Work has already begun on their second full-length album, with new material being written and fine-tuned. All members of NOMAD are active members of B.M.I., and the band is currently shopping for a new Record Label after the bankruptcy of their previous label Insanity Records in Germany. NOMAD’s goals include beginning a Regional Tour by the fall of 2005, the completion of a second release in 2006 and beginning a third album in 2007, and multiple marketing strategies to remain competitive in the music industry.

Although the band may be relatively young, the four members of NOMAD are not new to the 'scene'. Having been involved in various projects throughout multiple decades, some different, some the same, the mindset of this group is simple... "NOMAD seems to play what feels good. Not only to themselves, but mainly to the fans. Music is emotional, and these guys know how to express those emotions to the listener."

The various influences throughout the group only contribute to their unique but main-stream sound. "There are influences in NOMAD's music from as far back as the 70's, with bone-jarring, head slamming riffs that will knock you right back to present day and beyond !"

If you are into good ol' Original Heavy Metal Rock & Roll, or just enjoy Modern Rock music, NOMAD is one group NOT TO MISS. "NOMAD's stage energy is intense, and they know how to share that energy with the listener. The music is fresh, with just enough darkness to keep you on the edge. Even if Rock is not your style, you may still find yourself surprised with what NOMAD has to offer."

William Jones    01 November 2006 11:02