Examining Emma is a Rock/Hard Rock band from Newberry South Carolina.

With the genere they bring to the table, their live performance speaks for itself.

From clean guitars with endless vocals to chugging guitars and screams of aspirations. This is an in your face band.
The melodies are so unpredictable, once you've seen them live you'll want to keep coming to see if they have any new suprises at other shows!

Examining Emma isn't your normal rock band. What makes them stick out is a true dedication and ambience they put into their music. If you think for one second that you are going to hear a teeny booper sing-a-long you're wrong.

Their lyrics are so much deeper than someone just singing them. Everyone can relate to the words coming from the microphone.

Examining Emma is working harder everyday to better the band and get their music heard. Be sure to get in with this up and coming act of 2007.
Be on the lookout, because this band is blowing up fast.
Jim Palmer    02 November 2006 01:45