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06 November 2006

ZEN P. R. is from Fishers, Indiana. They are experienced musicians with different backgrounds that combine a mixture of jazz, blues, rock, pop, and gospel influences. This combination has proved to be a winner, whether they are doing Classic Rock "covers" or original music. Their style has been compared to The Black Crows, CCR, The Ramones, and many of the mid-to late 60's bands such as Van Morrison. It has been noted that they would be good candidates to open for such bands as Asia, Cheap Trick, REO Speedwagon, Neil Young, John Fogerty, and Indiana's own John Mellencamp. ZEN P. R. is: Doug Peelle - Lead vocalist, Emil Lackovic - Drummer and vocals, Kevin Neil - Bassist and vocals, Jim Ramsey - Lead Guitar & Vocals, and "Evil" Steve Routh - Rhythm guitarist and vocals. The first incarnation of the band began in January 2005 and the fan club had grown to 16 members, even before the first public appearance. The demo CD, called "Eye Candy" was announced on their website. Requests came in fast for it, and it is all over the U.S. and Canada. It was very well received. ZEN P. R. made some tough decisions and changes after their first year, but now has found the right combination in both in personnel and music. "Evil" is a BMI songwriter and has a song "Busy Losing You" in the Association of Songwriters and Lyricists 1999 Anthology called 'On The Road. He has opened shows for John Mellencamp, Cheap Trick, and REO Speedwagon and was in the Chicago music scene for many years before coming to Indianapolis. Emil has worked as a session musician both here and in his native Bosnia, and is also a songwriter. Kevin has done session work on both guitar and bass, and performed with many bands over his years in the business. Jim spent many years in the West Coast scene and has been doing many blues/rock gigs. Doug is also a BMI songwriter, and has many years of experience as a frontman, mostly all in Classic Rock. ZEN P. R. does a variety of covers and original music. Their sound is theirs and theirs alone. They are known for taking a song and playing it their way, and never mind the record. They are unique guys with a unique style and a unique sound. They love their fans and the Music.
Steven Routh    06 November 2006 12:54