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07 November 2006

SuperVision The Blind Wonder of Hip Hop
Born June 24, 1977 in the 7th Ward of the St. Bernard Projects in New Orleans, at age 3 I moved to South Central L.A. I want people understand that Supervision is a true MC who happens to be blind, not JUST a blind MC." "With my music, I deliver a wide gamut of hip-hop. I put hardcore hip-hop along with other types of music. I want a diverse blend of music. I not only want the thugs to listen, but also the young ladies from high school to just out of college who are working in corporate America. I want to paint a picture like Pac and Biggie used to do. "I'm going to deliver sight to these blind fools. I'm the Ray Charles of Rap, the blind wonder of Hip Hop, I done put damn diamonds in my eyes, every time I blink it’s a house note and it’s my turn, I’m next in line," Supervision has already ventured into the acting arena: He has a cameo in Denzel Washington’s Training Day, appeared on the Showtime series Soul Food, is scheduled to appear in a new feature film staring new skate-board sensation Paul Rodriguez Jr, and has song placements in: Desperate Housewives, Soul Food (the television series), Johnny Zero, The Shield, The District, 13 the movie, Bad Company the movie, and many more through his ASCAP publishing company “I Vision Publishing.” According to Supervision, he's ready for just about anything: "After 18 years of rocking mix-tapes, parks, beaches, and get-togethers, banging on these doors of the industry and being knocked in the ass so many times, I'm ready to show what I have." Soon SuperVision & His Band of Brothers will have have everyone seeing the light.
Sai Gordon    07 November 2006 03:14