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20 December 2006

Breaking Tides
The beginnings of Breaking Tides are not much different from that of the many local bands of South Florida. However, while history does not set this band apart, their musical precision, dedication, and raw energy does. Starting out as a side project of a former band, guitarist Luis Cordova, bassist James Rios, and drummer Robert McMickle decided to form Breaking Tides in hopes of unleashing their true potential. Hoping to create a refreshing musical style of their own, they began to form Breaking Tides in late August of 2004, drafting singer Petie Pizarro and guitarist Jeff Kepler into the band.

The success of their aspiration came immediately, as, after playing covers for several shows, the band's original songs made its way into the limelight. Breath-taken after just an earshot, audiences of Breaking Tides were left wanting more. Breaking Tides answered their call with song after song, each reeking with originality, skill, and emotion. Their musical limits were extended further still when, in February of 2005, keyboard player Arthur Ke, Jr joined ranks as the sixth and final member of Breaking Tides. Since then, they have been the talk of the local scene, molding audiences into amazing and loyal fans, and mesmerizing every venue where they've taken stage.

Playing in, and packing such venues as the Bank Atlantic Center (Home of the Florida Panthers), Club Scene, Club Ovation, Pompano Indoor Skate, Solid Sound & Stage, and the Talent Farm, Breaking Tides never fails to turn first-time listeners into hardcore fans. The release of their self-produced album, "Between Truth and Fiction" was an instant hit, as CD's were completely sold out at the release party. Eyeing this local talent, Sam Ash Music Stores quickly decided to sponsor Breaking Tides. Also, Breaking Tides won first place in the first two rounds of the Emergenza Festival, a worldwide battle of the bands. However overwhelming it may be that all this has been accomplished in only a year's time, Breaking Tides still wishes to push further and venture onward. After all, it is all that they have evolved into. They breathe in life, and exhale music.
Pete Pizarro    20 December 2006 04:47