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09 February 2007

Justin Ross Band
<p>Justin Ross’ music is a delectable pop hybrid of rock and pop that calls upon
the strengths of both genres. His creative process coalesces into catchy music,
full of hooks and with something to say to everybody. Accessible but original,
Ross defies convention yet respects the roots of both genres. </p>
<p><u><b>Me and Free</b></u> Ross writes music to help people feel free and be
at home with themselves, because that’s what music does for him. “When I play
music, it is the one thing that lets me be me and free.” He fills his songs with
poignant emotional content and plenty of entertainment punch, providing music
that is both fun and affecting. “There are so many feelings that pour through me
when playing or singing or writing that sometimes it is very overwhelming, but
in a good way.” </p>
<p><u><b>Common Ground</b></u> Ross finds common ground between him and
listeners and helps fans find common ground among themselves. He does this by
tapping into real human experience and writing in a very personal way about
things that are universal. He often draws from family and other elements of his
personal life and environment. “Everything I write is from my heart and based
upon some personal experiences, but what I love the most is when I see that my
music can touch other people’s hearts. That is worth everything to me.” <br>
<u><b>The Artist at Work</b></u> The year 2006 saw Ross land a sixth place spot
(out of 10,000 musical artists) in the Emergenza national festival. He was the
first artist to independently sell an album through the Army Air Force Exchange
Service (the CD “Seventy Five”); it sold on every military base in the country.
Ross was the first musician to perform for the Katrina Relief Concert in 2005
(in Shreveport). His “City Lights” song was declared track of the day on and also took best beat, best groove and best vocals honors. Ross
has opened for Hinder. He has a number of gigs slated for the near future. He is
currently working with A&R Select, the leading A&R firm in Hollywood, CA, as
well as El Toro Blanco Management out of Dallas, TX. Review “Ross weaves
together the rock and country genres in a perfect balancing act.” – A&R Select</p>
Justin Ross    09 February 2007 05:17