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20 August 2007

Crossed Keys
Crossed Keys was brought to life in the Winter of 2004 as its vocalist, Jaimis Ulrich and lead guitarist Preston Radomsky accepted The Keys of Music. Always to be held in Music Box, The Keys are to forever unleash the power of the beating drum, poundings of the bass, ecstatic rhythms of the guitar, cutthroat solos, and penetrating yet soothing vocals. Chosen because of their exhilarating talent, loyalty to their roots and constant strive to give back, The Keys are to always remain in their possession. Members of Crossed Keys promise to never let the beauty of music fade away and will present this world with an everlasting stage performance. This Cutting edge music is brought forth by the five chosen musicians recognized as Jaimis Ulrich (Night Maiden), Preston Radomsky (Wylde Rhodes), Bryan Bos (The Beast), Adam London (Shaggy Rose), and Greg Amparan (Twelve Gauge). Musical influences provided by each member range from Fleetwood Mac to Guns N'' Roses and stream up to Iron Maiden. On a level of individuality, Twelve Gauge renders running beats of his bass to keep the band steady. Shaggy Rose supports Rhodes with his heavy and melodic rhythms. The Beast propels songs with the lyrical notes of the keyboard and maintains the pulse of music with every stroke of the drums. Wylde Rhodes drives the rhythm as he tears up the stage with ripping guitar solos. Night Maiden takes command with her emotionally charged vocals, captivating stage performance, and ability to bring forth more than words. After taking part in Crossed Keys, people feel themselves yet again connected to the essence of music which has been glazed over through the years. Crossed Keys has been noted as cutting through the pollution of LA and bringing forth a breath of fresh air. Being based in LA, Crossed Keys has taken part in the struggles musicians share but found that the blood, sweat, and tears have paid off. On July 12, 2008 Crossed Keys was deemed as best band in California after competing and being honored to share the stage with five hundred talented bands. Now, with each member locked into place, the Keys have been mended together as a manifestation to the music world. Coming together as a fusion of metal, rock, country, alternative, and emotion Crossed Keys has become the melting pot of music that is not only bound to capture your ear but captivate your heart. Together, they are Heart-Core.
Preston Radomsky    20 August 2007 09:52